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The iTrackBites Coaches are a trusted resource for all iTrackBites Members. They are here to answer questions, guide, support and motivate you!

You can find all the iTrackBites Coaches in the Community, so reach out and say hi!

Lisa Wood (Head Coach)

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

I have been a long time ❤️ fangirl of iTrackBites. It has been my app of choice since I started this winding Wellness Adventure years ago. My journey has been long and complicated but the dedication, encouragement and continued support of the iTrackBites family has been instrumental in my success and I look forward to being part of it for many years to come.

Ali Cody

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

After becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in 2014 I had much success with a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. I lost weight immediately… then after a FUN vaca in Costa Rica I put the weight back on and couldn’t seem to shake it! iTrackBites provided renewed enthusiasm to my personal weight loss and healthy eating goals. I LOVE that so many veggies are zero bites and that fit in really well with my unique health needs as well, so it was a perfect match! Even though I always eat healthy, it helps me choose wisely and I even have hopes of possibly being bikini ready again one day!

Ashley Delo

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

I began my iTrackBites journey in September of 2020. I had lost weight on another program from January until September but was needing a change. I hit a plateau and needed to do something different. I came across iTrackBites and loved what I saw! I joined and immediately fell in love with Better Balance. I joined the online communities as well and haven’t looked back since. I am less than 8 away from my goal and iTrackBites and their coaches have helped me get to where I am! I am so happy to join and hopefully help others in their journey as others have helped me!

Courtney Brown 

Weight Loss Plan: Calorie Command

I started iTrackBites in December of 2017, utilizing Carb Conscious in the beginning of my journey, I successfully lost 76 lbs to date. I have utilized all plans on the iTrackBites platform, so I am very familiar with the details of each plan. Currently I am using Calorie Command. All of the plans are amazing, and each of them work. I hope to inspire others with my journey and hope to be able to provide support within the community to those who may be having difficulty achieving their goals. They key to success is consistency.

Jenn Lytle

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

I joined mid-November 2019 with some skepticism, after all I had been here (different diets) many times. I soon realized this time with iTrackBites was different. I finally realized that this isn’t a diet. I have made some poor decisions on food and exercise (lack of) lately but that is ok. I am a work in progress😀

Kevin Smiley

Weight Loss Plan: Calorie Command

My wife and I have struggled through many different trials and tribulations during our weight loss journey. iTrackBites has helped us to rein in a lot of those issues and now we lose weight more consistently. I write about our journey and what we do to overcome different obstacles. I also share recipes and other success stories. My wife and I love to help people succeed in all aspects of their lives and this is one way we share the knowledge we have gained. We have met so many awesome people during this journey.

Jeri Zacarese

Weight Loss Plan: Carb Conscious

Hi, My name is Jerylan, but everyone calls me Jeri. I started iTrackBites in May to help me maintain my weight loss. I worked for Weight Watchers for 15 years as a weight loss consultant. I use the Carb Conscious plan. I am borderline Type 2 diabetic and my sone is Type 1 diabetic, so maintaining a healthy diet is critically important at home. The best way to lose and maintain weight loss is with a healthy plan and track, weigh and measure. This app is amazing with plenty of support

Mary-Jayne Sherman

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

I needed to learn portion control as I have “portion distortion” big time. iTrackBites taught me how to learn portion control through their BITES values. For me, it was a real eye opener as to how much I was consuming at one meal! I have learned healthy eating which has enabled me to lose weight. Also, the support is great! The Community is very informative and any app questions you have the coaches are always available to help. I absolutely love to help people on their journey by providing motivation, accountability, and positive reinforcement. I love being a part of the coaching team and the iTrackBites Community!

Mindy Matus

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

This trip has been like a thrill ride at your local amusement park, lots of fears and thrills. I have done literally every diet there is out there over the course of my adult life. Believe me when I tell you I could buy a small ocean side mansion with what I’ve spent on programs and products. But now, I’ve found iTrackBites and I genuinely feel like I’ve found my home… my tribe. Not only is the program completely customizable and affordable, the people here at iTrackBites are phenomenal. They are so inspiring and encouraging, just plain NICE. I’m excited to be here with you as we, together, go on this fantastic expedition.

Nicole Lindsay

Weight Loss Plan: Carb Conscious

SAHM to 5 kids. Needing to lose weight to be there for them. Have done WW and ITrackBites, and love iTrackBites! I have been a member of iTrackBites since 2012, but have done it more serious since November 2019.

Nicole Nordman

Weight Loss Plan: Carb Conscious

Former Weight Watcher employee who did not like the new plan that we were forced to use so I began using ITrackBites so I could stick to what I knew worked for me and what I liked. My Weight has gone back up during Covid-19 so I am actively losing again.

Nicole Stangeland

Weight Loss Plan: Carb Conscious

Four years ago I had lost 72 lbs on Weight Watchers Points Plus program. Then came the day I decided to have a cheat meal and dove head first off the Points Plus wagon. Four years later I had gained back all the weight (and a few extra) and was left depressed and anxious, short of breath and feeling horrid. I went online and started researching what programs I could use that would be similar and that’s when I found the iTrackBites app. I loved that I could pick my program I had previously used. It had all the features I wanted and more than I knew that I wanted! I love to help people find there way with this program and answer questions that I know we all have had or have Googled at one time!

Robert Williams

Weight Loss Plan: Sugar Smart

At the time of writing this I started this journey 40 weeks ago. Originally I began on the Carb Conscious plan and then switched to the Sugar Smart plan. Through the helpful community and app features I have learned a lot about food, activity, and being healthier in general, which has led to be making a huge 60 pound dent in my goal. This isn’t my first weight loss journey, but thanks to iTrackBites I am confident this will be my last weight loss journey.

Stefanie Wohlgemuth

Weight Loss Plan: Better Balance

Like so many, I downloaded iTB a long time ago and then never actually got started. At the beginning of 2020 I finally got myself together and started actually following the program and logging my food.