Food Score and Calorie Calculator and Tracker for Weight Loss

Food Score Calculator and Calorie Tracker $2.99 only!

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  • Great for tracking Food Score values for Classic and New Systems, and even activity BITES
  • FREE Online Community Support Meetings
  • Features a huge food database, bar code scanning, restaurant guides and more!
  • Has pre-set searchable food guide database for Classic and New systems!
  • Works the same as the paper log tracker only easier!
  • Easy to use built in activity & food score calculators!
  • For iPhone, iPod, and iPad! iPhone iOS 7.0 tested!

What can iTrackBites app do for you?

iTrackBites is a food score calculator and tracker for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

So... You've got a few pounds to lose...but you actually already KNOW how to lose fat: Eat more fruits, veggies... less fast food.

But tracking your Food Score values is the BIG issue!

You have your phone with you 95% of the time (except the shower). So wherever you go you have a personal assistant waiting to track your Food Score values!

A successful user of our app said "If you track, you'll lose weight! It's a whole new world. People treat you differently. You get more attention, feel better, and get more opportunities!"

That's exactly what iTrackBites does for you.....manages your weight by allowing you to TRACK your Food Score values for the Classic or New Systems EASILY.

Get it now and start tracking your Food Score values so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life like thousands of other iTrackBites users are already doing!!

P.S. iTrackBites is only $2.99 for a limited time.

P.P.S. $2.99 is nothing when you consider how well this app will compliment your current weight loss program. Just check out the REAL testimonials, reviews, and screen shots below to see for yourself.

✓ Choose food items from pocket guide database!
✓ Maintain list of favorite foods!
✓ Works for Old Classic and New Systems!
✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

★★★★★ - "Love it and have lost 20lbs already!"

★★★★★ - "Easy to track old Classic or New BITES and stay on track!"

★★★★★ - "If you already know the program, this is a great companion to go along with the weight loss program at only $5.99!!!"

★★★★★ - "Great app love it! Use it constantly!"

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