How iTrackBites helps millions in their weight loss journey!

How It Works

Each and every food is assigned a “BITES” score that is aligned with your personalized weight loss plan. Simply track your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, to lose the weight, keep it off and live your life!

What is a BITE?

BITES are calculated values that take in nutritional information from foods and your diet plan. These values are specific to your plan and will help you understand how specific foods impact your weightloss Journey. If a food has a high BITE value you know you should probably stay away from that type of food. If a food has a low BITE value you know it is a good food for your diet plan.

What is a BITE Allowance?

You have three types of BITE allowances Daily BITES, Weekly BITES, and Exercise BITES.

Your daily BITE allowance is the number of bites you can eat that day.

Your weekly BITE allowance is an extra allowance of BITES if you eat more than your daily allowance.

You also get BITES when you exercise! These BITES are similar to weekly BITES and are there incase you go over you daily allowance.

Zero BITE Foods?

Depending on your plan certain foods will have a bite value of zero. Since these foods have a bite value of zero they will not be deducted from your bite allowance!

Track Your Food. See Results. Crush Your Goals.

iTrackBites is a personalized and affordable weight loss app. By tracking your food, nutrition,activity, and weight loss, your can reach your goals and keep the weight off – without sacrificing the life you love!

How To Track

With iTrackBites tracking is easier than ordering a cup of coffee.

Voice Integration

Voice tracking makes tracking your meals easier than ever. Simply state the day, meal and food. We’ll do the rest.

Barcode Scanner

Need to track a packaged good? Just scan the barcode, choose the number of servings you had, and press track.

Resturant Guide

Search your favourite restaurants and filter by meal type and BITES.