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iTrackBites has 6 personalized weight loss plans to help you lose the weight.
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Why Are There 6 Plans?

When trying to lose weight it is important to know that everyone’s journey is unique. Our bodies are different. Our goals are different. We each have our own struggles. We each require different nutritional objectives.

iTrackBites recognizes this and has designed personalized plans to help you understand and achieve your weight loss goals.

With iTrackBites you will succeed!

Meet Your 6 Personalized Plans!

Better Balance

Is fresh and clean eating your goal?
The Better Balance plan with its +200 zero BITE foods will help you make healthier choices. Better Balance focuses on helping you learn to control your eating through awareness enabling you to prioritize healthy eating and focus on fresh, whole food options.

Sugar Smart

Are sugary treats or fast food your downfall?
With Sugar Smart, you’ll prioritize a low sugar diet to help make the change. The Sugar Smart plan focuses on helping you kick those sugar-laden foods to the backseat. This can be very beneficial to anyone wanting to really reduce their overall sugar intake and lessen the grip those foods have on your weight and your lifestyle.

Conquer Cravings

Struggle with portion control
 Need an easy to follow food score system based on healthy eating habits and better portion control? The Conquer Craving plan focuses on helping you manage portion sizes and create balanced eating habits with moderation. You will learn to satisfy your cravings by learning to control your portion sizes and adopting a balanced eating style to enjoy everything in moderation.

Carb Conscious

Looking to limit your carbs while focusing on your protein, fat and fiber?
The Carb Conscious plan focuses on limiting the amount of simple carbohydrates eaten, helping your body burn the right type of fuel. Carb Conscious will help you make better carbohydrate and fiber based choices to keep you satisfied and feeling full for longer.

Calorie Command

Like to keep things simple?
Straightforward calorie counting might just be your thing. The Calorie Command plan is a straight forward plan with no special rules, no food group restrictions, no rounding, no magic math giving you the most flexibility in your meal choices. Adopting a balanced eating style to enjoy everything in moderation will help you learn portion control without food restrictions.

Keeping Keto

Want to focus on drastically reducing carbs and shift your metabolism towards fats and keytones?
The Keeping Keto plan is based on the hugely popular ketogenic diet. This is a high-fat, very low-carb diet that focuses on drastically reducing carbs that are absorbed by the body, called “net-carbs,” and replacing them with fat in order to lower blood sugar, reduce insulin levels and shift your metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones.