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Yep! You read that right! iTrackBites now has an all-new Meal Plan feature!! We’ve worked long and hard testing, writing, building, and designing this all-new feature for YOU! Meal Plans are designed to be simple, easy and helpful to use. Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation or guidance when first using iTrackBites, Meal Plans are going to be a wonderful tool to help you with your weight loss journey. There are several exciting elements to this new development, so we want to quickly walk you through them, so you take full advantage of Meal Plans! 

The Skinny: 

The Meal Plans feature is designed to guide you through several days of pre-written recipes that will fit within your BITE count allowance. In each day of the Meal Plan, we’ve designated a breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe, as well as a snack or drink option to tide you over. In one touch you can examine the Meal Plan, browse the Recipes, AND start tracking! 

The Selection: 

For every weight loss plan, we’ve started out with about 4-5 specialized meal plans. Again, we want to make your health and wellness journey as simple as possible. Sometimes we want to start eating better, but we don’t know where to start! This is supposed to close that gap! Starting has never been easier! 

The Plans Themselves 

We’ve designed meal plans to be simple, easy and helpful to use. The first thing you will notice is that there is this great little Meal Plan icon on your bottom menu bar.

When you open Meal Plans you will be able to browse the roster of custom meal plans prepared by our Nutritionists. Each meal plan has been specially prepared with delicious meals and designed to meet the dietary requirements of your weight loss plan.

Clicking into a meal plan will allow you to browse each day’s individual meals, read through all the Recipes and explore the Grocery List.

Starting a Meal Plan is easy, just chose which day you want to start.

And this might be the best part, your Meal Plan is now integrated into your Tracking screen to allow for simple and easy tracking with just a ‘tap’.

That’s it! Those are the details of the all new iTrackBites Meal Plans!! Be sure you’re signed up for iTrackBites PRO in order to best take advantage of this awesome new feature! Click HERE to upgrade now. Be sure to keep checking back, as we roll out more and more meal plan features!


Happy Tracking! 

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  1. Maire McLaughlin

    I am on the blue plan for Weight Watchers so what plan do i follow on I track bites?

  2. Donna Lee-Stroud

    Hi! I’m excited for this great new feature. When will the app be updated to include meal plans?

  3. Bob Milstein

    Meal plans is a great idea. It shown on my iPhone (Software Version 12.5) but not on my iPad (iOS 12.5). Is that a software bug or do I need to do something so it will show on my iPad. I prefer to use the iPad for reading texts. etc because of the bigger screen.


  4. Barbara Macho

    Hi I am trying to upgrade the ITtrackBites Meal Plans but the is nothing on my manage subscriptions.
    Can you help because I am interested on it..


  5. Jacky N Reid

    I Itrackbites basically a phone app and not a computer? I was trying to look at the meal plans on my computer and I couldn’t find them.

  6. Lupe Trevino

    is the meal plan free or do you have to pay for it? i’m om Pro

  7. Stephanie

    I use my iPad for everything but the scanning while I am in the store. Will my iPad and iPhone sync so I don’t have to lug my iPad with me? Thanks

  8. Rachel

    Loved this! I can’t wait for more plans to be added! We used the vegetarian one and it was great


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