How to Determine Your Max Heart Rate and Appropriate Exercise Level

What qualifies as a workout?

Determining your max heart rate by taking 220 – age = Max heart rate.

When exercising your heart rate should fall in these ranges. However, listen to your body and only do what feels safe. Many people look to the “fat” burning zone when exercising which would be 60-70% of your max heart rate.

However, this means your body is using fat storage for energy. At 70-80% of your max hear rate, your body uses more carbohydrates for energy.

To make it simple, the goal should be to burn calories, not matter if they are in the fat or carb category.

Simply put, the higher the intensity, the more calories one will burn.

Warm up: 50%
Low Impact: 60-70%
Cardio / High intensity: 70-80%

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