A Low Calorie Fiesta (with recipes!)

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Hi friends! Happy FriYAY!!! 

Nothing says “weekend” like a fun fiesta meal! Over the last few weeks, as things have warmed up, we’ve seen more and more lovely meals al fresco from our awesome Instagram community. Consider us inspired! In honor of the shining sun, and fresh feelings of spring; tonight we’re hosting a virtual Friday Fiesta! And guess what! You’re invited! Let’s hit it! 

Being that our home office is in the great state of Texas, in the capital city of Austin; we know good Tex Mex! Believe us when we say that these recipes are Tex Mex approved. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel guilty when opting for Tex Mex because it’s typically known as a high calorie and high carb. Not this time! We took extra time and effort to curate a festive, (somewhat) spicy meal that won’t break your BITE bank! 

Start things off with chips and guac! 

We recommend Siete Foods Grain Free Tortilla Chips (our favorite is the hint of lime flavor). 

While you have your chips out, give this homemade Pico de Gallo a try!

A big thanks to our friend, and brand ambassador, Genien. She posted this recipe on Instagram a few months back, and we just couldn’t stop thinking about it! 

Try this low calorie, no sugar added Margarita.

Or as us Texans call it: Ranch Water! Maybe this should’ve been listed first, as a meal prep pick me up! If you want to give another low BITE cocktail a try, HERE is a list of four more!

This Low BITE Chicken Fajita Bake is anything but complex! 

Last but certainly not least, our main dish. Again, hailing our friend Genien as the artist behind this masterpiece. We actually reshared Genien’s video on our Instagram profile, HERE!

Voila! Or shall we say OLE! We hope these recipes serve as some sort of inspiration for a break from the mundane. It’s always helpful to try new recipes or ways of cooking to keep yourself excited and motivated in the kitchen! 

Happy Friday and happy tracking! 

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  1. Nancy

    How can we save these recipes?

    • iTrackBites

      Hi Nancy! If you’re wanting to save recipe cards from the blog, you can right click and save the image. You can also follow us on social media to save the recipes from there!

  2. pat lee

    How do you read past comments and recipes?

  3. Tina

    How does this all work? Do I need to join or sign up etc?

    • iTrackBites

      Hi Tina! We’re a free mobile app for your phone! Simply download in the app store and get started!


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