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Hi Friends! 

Back for week three of the new(ish) “Weekend Reading” segment. As you’ve probably figured out by now, we like to use this Saturday post to get a little more creative than the typical weight-loss posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Lately, we’ve had an influx of really great content written by a mixture of our employees, our iTrackBites Coaches, and even a success story from one of our users! If you’re currently an iTrackBites user, you probably get push notifications from us. If you aren’t a user, or you aren’t getting push notifications, click here! You’re missing out! These notifications serve as a reminder for goings on here on the blog, and on our iTrackBites Instagram and Facebook. 

Here are some of the biggest things you’ve missed on the blog as of late: 

Coach Lisa’s Six Week Weight Loss Challenge

This has gained lots of traction! It’s definitely not too late to join. Our Head Coach Lisa has created a set of new habits to adapt, one week at a time, to lead to greater weight loss! Don’t worry- there’s no fasting, no planking, no miles- simply fresh, new, GOOD habits! Read week one here, and week two here

1 Mile A Day for 1000 Days SUCCESS STORY 

A few weeks ago, we had the absolute PLEASURE of interviewing one of our loyal community members and iTrackBites users, Stacey Black. We found Stacey through her tagging of us on social media posts. After looking into it a little bit more, we realized that Stacey was on the brink of something incredible!! We reached out and interviewed immediately! And well- you’ll just have to read the rest here! 

itrackbites fall lunch recipes

Fall Food Guides

Throwing it way back to September; we compiled a list of our favorite fall foods that just so happened to be zero BITES. We thought it to be helpful to revisit this list since we are definitely in the thick of autumn now. Need a refresh in your breakfast? Try switching to pumpkin muffins! Or any of these linked fall breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even snack options

Thanks for joining us on another Saturday! We hope your weekend is filled with slow mornings, yummy food, and something active! Be sure to check back next week! We’re covering one the most asked about topics- the perils of Halloween candy!! How to portion control, healthier options for you and your kids, and even some homemade treats! If you missed our post on creative halloween party ideas during quarantine, find that here

Until then- Happy Tracking!  

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  1. Betty

    I am starting over and need to figure it all out again

  2. Esta15

    Are there any frozen dinners allowed like Lean Cuisine


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