Take Back Your Summer with these Desserts

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Hi Coach Jeri here!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the warm weather. Living on the East Coast, summer is most welcome after a cold winter and windy spring. Many of us feel the hope of newness with the flowers blooming and all the luscious fruits and cooling drinks. Unfortunately, for many of us some of the joy and excitement of summer can be robbed, by thoughts of size, comparison, and food temptations. So how can we deal with this? Here is how I plan on taking back my excitement for summer!

We take charge of the situation by planning. If you are the host you have the most control. By providing a healthy environment, you’re benefiting yourself and your guests! I learned a long time ago not to tell others that the items I made were “healthy substitutes”. Providing fruits and vegetables as a party dish is a great beginning. Then try to take the time to look up some healthy desserts. Believe me… no one will know the difference.

Here are some of my favorite (healthy-shhhh!) summer desserts.


This is so easy to make and I serve it at my home or bring it as a guest and it is always a hit!


Just follow directions on the box. How easy is that! I have also used apple pie filling for fall!


A refreshing and tasty dessert!

Believe me, no one will know! There is nothing you can’t accomplish with a bit of creativity. This is how you turn your dreams of a healthier self into reality. With a few helpful tools and a little bit of planning, you CAN enjoy summer socializing without feeling like a victim. In case you’re more interested in whole foods that are fun for summer, you can click HERE to read the list of zero BITE foods for warm weather. Are there any other categories of foods you’d like help with for the upcoming season of summer? Leave them in the comments below!

Happy Tracking!

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  1. Susan Waters

    how do you finish preparing the pudding? I’ve never fixed this?

  2. Susan Waters

    Sorry the Pineapple cheesecake on the pudding prep.

    • coach Jeri

      there is no pudding in the recipe. Just a packet of gelatin to hold it together

  3. Rachel Salinas

    On the Pineapple Cheesecake recipe—what kind of pudding? It isn’t listed in the ingredients.

    • iTrackBites

      Hey Rachel! Thanks for the comment! Just a whole package of unflavored gelatin works the best!

  4. coach Jeri

    Hi everyone coach jeri here. Sorry about the confusion. There is no pudding. I think it the pineapple and gelatin makes a pudding mixture. Bites are the same for BB and SS. 7


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