Keto Fast Food Guide: KFC

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Ideally, if you’re going to eat at KFC while on the keto diet, you’d stick to Kentucky Grilled Chicken. It’s got a light crispy skin and is surprisingly juicy and flavorful. But, if you want to mix it up or indulge a bit, KFC’s original recipe is their lowest carb batter. If you have just a few pieces, you won’t totally blow your diet.


KFC original recipe Nutritional Facts:


What’s chicken without sides? Here are the keto-friendly KFC sides:


Keto friendly dipping sauces:


Keto Friendly Salad Dressing:


All-in-all, if you want to go to KFC and stay true to your keto diet, it’s best to stick with grilled chicken and a salad. But now you can see, if you’re going to eat something else, Original batter fried chicken isn’t the worst possible thing you could eat.

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