Robert Williams

Robert Willams

Coach Since 2019

iTrackBites Username: WhoDontBlink
Member Since: 2019
Plan: Sugar Smart
Start Weight: 376 lbs
Current Weight: 316 lbs
Goal Weight: 220 lbs
I’m from: Saint Louis, Missouri

A Short Summary of My iTrackBites Journey
At the time of writing this I started this journey 40 weeks ago. Originally I began on the Carb Conscious plan and then switched to the Sugar Smart plan. Through the helpful community and app features I have learned a lot about food, activity, and being healthier in general, which has led to be making a huge 60 pound dent in my goal. This isn’t my first weight loss journey, but thanks to iTrackBites I am confident this will be my last weight loss journey.
A Fun Fact About Myself
I’m a hairstylist and a YouTuber.
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using iTrackBites
The Favorite option. So I can keep commonly use foods (that I have double checked) in a place easily accessible.
Favorite iTrackBites Community Group
The Sugar Smart main group has been a favorite of mine, for the information to be gathered there, and the great support
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about iTrackBites?
There is a plan for everyone, no matter their lifestyle. With iTrackBites weight loss goals can be achieved.

My Blog Posts

When The Scale Isn’t Moving

“I step on the scale for my weekly weigh in and instantly get disappointed. A few more steps on that scale confirms that I did not lose weight this week. The sadness and anger flares inside as I think back on the previous week, trying to see what I did wrong. I stayed within my allotted BITES, and even got some exercise in this week! Why is this happening? What is wrong with me, why can’t I do this? What is the point of working so hard if I am not going to get results every week? Maybe I should just quit.”

Does that sound familiar to you? It definitely does to me. Probably because those exact thoughts have run through my mind.
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How To Get More Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
Five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables in one day?! Yes, that seems like a lot, but that is the number of servings the USDA recommends for a healthy lifestyle. This is why many of the plans on iTrackBites have most fruits and vegetables cost zero BITES. Fruits and vegetables being zero BITES encourages us to eat more of them instead of other foods that are more BITES. How do you eat that many servings in one day though? It seems near impossible for some. Well here are thirteen tips to make that easier!
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Staying on Track While Stuck at Home
If you are like me, you struggle with staying on your weight loss plan when you are stuck at home. Whether it’s your day off of work, you are retired on a “staycation”, or stuck at home right now as we all practice self isolation and social distancing.

So what are you supposed to do to combat this? Keep reading and find out!
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Find Your WHY
So, chances are, if you are here, you have decided you want to lose weight. If so, you must be asking yourself where to start? Before getting into the details of which weight loss plan you want to utilize, you must do one thing first.

Find your “WHY”.
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