Nicole Stangeland

Nicole Stangeland

Coach Since October 2018

iTrackBites Username: Nikkininetoes
Member Since: 2017
Plan: Carb Conscious
Start Weight: 278 lbs
Current Weight: 202 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs
I’m from: Canada

A Short Summary of My iTrackBites Journey
Four years ago I had lost 72 lbs on Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I really loved the program and was quickly successful on it. Then came the day I decided to have a cheat meal and dove head first off the Points Plus wagon.
Four years later I had gained back all the weight (and a few extra) and was left depressed and anxious, short of breath and feeling horrid. I decided I needed to get back into my healthy lifestyle. I looked up WW and saw that they had changed their program. I was very sad as all my recipes were already figured out in Points Plus and I was used to that program.
I went online and started researching what programs I could use that would be similar and that’s when I found the iTrackBites app. I loved that I could pick my program I had previously used. It had all the features I wanted and more than I knew that I wanted!
The opportunity arose that they were looking for coaches so I signed up. I love to help people find there way with this program and answer questions that I know we all have had or have googled at one time! Even when I started WW I never went to a meeting as they weren’t offered in my small city, so I figured most things out googling and living the lifestyle. At that time I had a few friends join as well and we would gather in my kitchen and discuss our weeks and share recipes and products we had found.
A Fun Fact About Myself
I am addicted to anything related to true crime. I fall asleep every night watching Forensic Files.
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using iTrackBites
My favorite feature is the Recipe Builder!
Favorite iTrackBites Community Group
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about iTrackBites?
That i couldn’t stay on track without it!

My Blog Posts

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