Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood

Coach Since October 2018

iTrackBites Username: fromdumpytodiva
Member Since: 2016
Plan: Conquer Cravings
Start Weight: 298 lbs
Current Weight: 229 lbs
Goal Weight: 149 lbs
I’m from: Wild, Wonderful West Virginia

A Short Summary of My iTrackBites Journey
I have been a long time ❤️ fangirl of iTrackBites. It has been my app of choice since I started this winding Wellness Adventure years ago. My journey has been long and complicated but the dedication, encouragement and continued support of the iTrackBites family has been instrumental in my success and I look forward to being part of it for many years to come.

A Fun Fact About Myself

Before coming over to iTrackBites full time, I was a dog trainer for 25yrs. (🐶 companion, therapy, 🐕 dog sport and service dogs)

Favorite Feature or Tip for Using iTrackBites

Hands down, my favorite feature is the ability to edit nutritional information. 🔢 iTrackBites is the only app, to my knowledge, to allow for that so when a manufacturer changes a product or a restaurant updates an item, you don’t have to recreate a whole new listing and you can still be 100% accurate in your tracking.

Favorite iTrackBites Community Group
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about iTrackBites?
📊 Track it all… The good, the bad, the ugly… Your body tracks it whether you do or not.

My Blog Posts

6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Week 3

I’m back with the third week of healthy habits to drive greater weight loss success. How are you? Is your schedule starting to be overloaded with fall activities? Is it harder to get outside and move around because of the weather? Or…

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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2

How did you go last week? Did you get a better awareness of when and where you were eating? Great job! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, catch up on our six week challenge HERE!

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6 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Week 1

As you have probably heard us mention here, this is the PRIME quitting time. What better way to combat that, than entering a six-week challenge? For the next 6 Friday’s, I’ll be posting healthy habits leading you to greater weight-loss. No crazy diets, purges, or planks. Just tips and tricks to get better use out of this season!

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Diet Hack from our Head Coach Lisa

Some people may think that this is silly, but I found that if I mark items with a color-coded sticker for how many BITES they are when I do my pantry organization then I don’t have to spend forever trying to work out what’s a good…

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How To: Fight Hunger

Hangry? Here’s What You Do! Head Coach Lisa, here! Lean protein (not bars/shakes) and high fiber are the keys to not being hungry. The closer you can eat to unprocessed whole foods, the better. Many quick meals are made with short burning fuels – they fill you then…

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Which Plan is the Best Plan?

My perspective is this… the best plan is the one that is going to help you be successful based on how you are realistically going to eat on it. Do you struggle with what to eat and making good food choices or controlling how much you eat even if healthy foods? Do you need a plan that easily supports eating out and prepared foods or do you cook mostly from home? Are sweets and snacking a problem?

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How to Become a Weight Loss Weekend Warrior

Many of us agree that weekends are more difficult yet we repeat the same cycle over and over when it comes. We know the weekend is coming, we know we struggle with it for a variety of reasons but nothing is going to change this until we do. If the struggle is real – identify why and change it. Saturday and Sunday are just other days – same number of hours, they happen every week – they are not something you can’t conquer!

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Is Your Scale Lying

You’ve worked hard all week, stuck to your plan, drank your water, moved your body and are feeling confident come weigh in day. You step on the scale…. 😯😫😡…. WHAT?!? That can’t be right!

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