Katelyn Moyer

Katelyn Moyer

Coach Since May 2020

iTrackBites Username: Moyerk08
Member Since: 2020
Plan: Calorie Command
Start Weight: 156 lbs
Current Weight: 140 lbs
Goal Weight: 144 lbs
I’m from: Nazareth, PA

A Short Summary of My iTrackBites Journey

Hello! My name is Katelyn. You can call me Kate. I am a new iTrackBites coach. I am a physical therapist who loves lifting and being active 💪🏼. I started iTrackBites in February. I use the Calorie Command plan and track macros. I have seen a lot of success so far with this amazing setup!
A Fun Fact About Myself
I am a dog mom of 2 adorable pups, love lifting and soccer!
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using iTrackBites
Track everything you do to see the best results: the good, the bad, the ugly.
Favorite iTrackBites Community Group
ITrackBites “commit to be fit” challenges
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about iTrackBites?
It works as long as you work it!

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