Brianna Newton

Brianna Newton

Coach Since August 2019

iTrackBites Username: KindaHealthyMomsBlog
Member Since: 2018
Plan: Sugar Smart
Start Weight: 307 lbs
Current Weight: 226 lbs
Goal Weight: 200 lbs
I’m from: Langhorne, PA

A Short Summary of My iTrackBites Journey
I started iTrackBites in August of 2018 when my twins were almost one year old. I was tired of being tired and overweight, I needed a change! Using the Sugar Smart plan gave me the balance of structure and flexibility that I needed to be successful. I’m happy to report I’ve gone from my highest weight of 307lbs to 226lbs! My goal weight of 200 is just around the corner and I’m so thankful knowing iTrackBites will help me get there.
A Fun Fact About Myself
I grew up by the beach in New Jersey and was SCUBA certified at age 13!
Favorite Feature or Tip for Using iTrackBites
Before you start, scan all of the foods in your house and save them to your favorites so it’s easy to find!
Favorite iTrackBites Community Group
What’s the One thing I’ve Learnt about iTrackBites?
It helps no one to lie to your app! Tracking truthfully is your best tool.

My Blog Posts

7 Benefits of Tracking Your Food & How You Can Start

Tracking your food sometimes comes with a stigma. Some may view it as too time consuming, too strict, or even ineffective. However, what I want to assure you is that 1/ if you are on the right weight loss plan, and 2/ you track your food. Then, you will lose the weight.

This critical item is the key to success, that it’s often helpful to step back and remind ourselves why tracking is so effective.

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The Important of Hydration

Hey, YOU! Yes, you! That’s right… Put down the Pinot 🍷(just for a sec). Put down the soda🥤, the sugary drinks … please.

Now … Chug. Some. Water. Actually, lots of it. If you are like me (and frankly, most of the people I know), drinking water isn’t exactly a delight. You find it hard to drink enough water and it’s usually not what you think of first when you are thirsty or want something nice to drink. We all know that dehydration is bad but do you really know why HYDRATION is GOOD?

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