Calling Fall- Three Recipes Making Us Excited for the Autumn Season

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Hi all! Happy Saturday!

In a technical aspect, it is not “fall” yet. Although, most of us are pining for it. In our home state of Texas, it’s starting to cool down everrrrr so slightly (but we don’t want to jinx it because it’s very possible to remain in triple digits through Christmas). Maybe it’s the touch of cooler air, maybe it’s the pumpkin drinks on Starbucks’ menu, or maybe it’s Coach Lisa’s 100 Day Challenge that will lead us into Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, fall is on our mind. Because it’s still a bit early for full blown pumpkin pie and chili, we’re getting creative in how we can begin to transition the foods we’re eating, into the Autumn months. We found three recipes that do JUST that!

Again, it’s a wee bit early to completely fill our plates with fall foods. Furthermore, a lot of the quintessential Autumn foods are’t necessarily in season yet. In this transitional period, we’re relying on those fruits and veggies that come to fruition throughout July, August and September. We’re going to mix those with our favorite evergreens and proteins to create a well balanced transitional pallet until the clock officially strikes Autumn. Which happens September 22nd, by the way! 

Below you’ll find three recipes that we found in the iTrackBites recipe archive that we believe to be the perfect fall-teaser and summer salutation! Enjoy!

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  1. Janet Kinzy

    I am an iTrackBites member. I don’t know how to navigate the program. I need a coach to communicate with me. I am getting disgusted. I need seriously help.

  2. Bonny Bain

    The recipes look delicious and I really want to try them. I’m confused on the nutrition stats. Are those per serving or the whole recipe? What do the icons mean with the value? What are the bites value? Do I have to calculate them myself?


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