Meet Our Ambassadors

Brianna is a mid 30s woman living her best life in the Minneapolis area. She’s a wife, dog mom to her 3-year-old Yorkie, Gracie, and a Youtuber on the channel Diva and the Divine, where she talks about her lifestyle as a homemaker, living with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT), and of course, weight loss. She loves following the Carb Conscious plan on iTrackBites because she found success on that plan the first time around and is excited to hit the goal on the same plan as before with the iTrackBites community as her support. Brianna’s ultimate goal is to find the balance between living life at a healthy weight and a life free of food deprivation.

Rachel started her weight loss journey in July of 2018, at a starting weight of 213.8 pounds. Using the Calorie Command plan with iTrackBites has brought her down to 192.6 pounds, for a total weight loss of 21 pounds! Rachel works as a full-time Registered Nurse and part-time as a sports producer for her family business, Zaleski Sports. She finds support through her husband, Jason, and her two grown children, Marissa and Trevor.

Jordan Chops

Jordan is 29 years old and lives in NW Indiana with his lovely wife and two amazing children. He started iTrackBites in January of 2019 because he was tired of how he looked and felt, and wanted to be the best version of himself for his family. With a start weight of 266lbs, he has used the Carb Conscious plan to lose weight, and enjoys helping others discover how to make this plan work for them! 

Hibah is a 30 year old who lives in Arizona with her husband and three children. With a B.A. in Global Health and a Masters of Education, she is passionate about sharing and educating about her health journey! Hibah has a daughter who was born with a complex congenital heart defect, and strives to balance health for herself and for her family. She’s been using iTrackBites for a year and a half and has lost 57 pounds so far with the Sugar Smart plan. Hibah gets her healthy recipe inspiration and love of food from her parent’s restaurant, the Flaming Kebab in Mesa, Arizona. 

What is our Ambassador Program?

We’re on the lookout for brand ambassadors for iTrackBites! We’re looking for people who enjoy using an iTrackBites plan to aid them on their health journey, and want to help others on their path.