Food Score Calculator and Tracker for Weight Loss - iTrackBites by ellisapps


iTrackBites is not affiliated or endorsed by any weight loss system, but it was designed to be compatible with any weight loss system you may be using. Whether you track Food Score values for the New system or Old system or just plain Calories, iTrackBites is the perfect app for you!

If you have ever followed the weight loss program that iTrackBites is compatible with then using this software should be very easy for you. It was designed to work just like the paper log tracker that you are already familiar with.

iTrackBites is an app that allows you to track your food intake and exercise for the purposes of losing weight using your choice of weight loss systems. You can track using food score values that are compatible with a leading weight loss system or plain old fashioned calorie counting!

Your choice of weight loss systems are BITES New, BITES Classic, or Calories.

Which system should I use? We recommend that you track using the system you are most familiar with. BITES New is very popular because it is compatible with the newest food score weight loss system. However many people still want to use the old system BITES Classic because it works better for them. Of course, there is always just calorie tracking which many people prefer because it gives a more accurate food score value. Each system will work to help you lose weight so it is really just personal preference and what works best for you.